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Feel free to dream about your next custom piece while you look over some of our past projects. Every project is unique, so if you see something you like just drop us a note and we'll help you make it your own. 

If you like what you see, check back often! We have plenty more to add here, and  the list keeps growing.

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The First Farmhouse Dining Table

This 84 x 40" solid red oak table, on a simple painted pine base was the first full sized dining table to come out of Quarter Wood Co in Early 2023.

Solid Cherry Coffee Table

Coming in at 48x48" and 18" tall this custom table is stout and built to last lifetimes. Four drawers total, and a pass-through shelf provide more than enough storage for all the miscellaneous remotes, chargers, (and snacks) you could ever want

Our Process

Ideas and Inspiration

  • Simply provide some details to get the wheels turning.
  • Whether your project is required ASAP or years out. We'd love to hear what you have in mind
  • We'll review the request and respond within two business days


  • For some simple projects we can provide an estimate within a few days. For detailed items we will set up a call, or meeting to gather more information.
  • Final quotes will be provided, with all relevant details, deadlines, and cost information, for you to review and approve on your own schedule

Project Start

  • Once you're ready to press "go" a 50% deposit will be required by the projects start date.
  • You'll be in the loop the entire time, with weekly project updates (More frequent depending on the lead time and the specific piece)
  • It's extremely important that we can contact you during the build. Working with natural materials has so many advantages, but can provide some surprises. We may need to clarify and get your feedback on any detailed decisions that develop. Prompt communication helps us prevent delays during your pieces construction

Project Completion

  • Depending on your location, as the project closes, you'll be able to make any final decisions on delivery/install dates and options
  • Any requests that require price adjustments will be reflected in the final invoice, which will be due before delivery/shipment.
  • If local delivery/install is available, we will schedule a time most convenient for you and work out all the details at that point.

The Best Part!

  • The best part - After delivery it's time for you to enjoy your new custom piece and brag to all your friends about it.
  • BUT, we're always available to answer questions and ensure you're totally satisfied, so don't hesitate to give us a call

The Modern Side of Rustic

The pop of Ash's contrasting grain may catch your eye, but the clean corners and chamfered edges, will keep you around.

Not only do they fit well by the beside, they'll be a wonderful addition by your favorite couch or chair.

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At the time, this was one of the most unique tables we'd built. The size, shape, the base and storage shelf, and even colors were all worked out and prototyped multiple times before landing on the final design.

If you're wondering, it's solid Ash with a Dark Gray stain to match the floors and countertops. The pattern on top is the clients monogram permanently engraved.

Floating Bathroom Vanity

Clean, Simple, Beautiful.

This floating bathroom vanity shows off the natural color and grain of Cherry, in an elegant but very functional way. The single oversized drawer provides plenty of storage, and the marine grade finish coat over solid wood ensures it will last as long as the house it hangs in.

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Ambrosia Maple Coffee Table

Sometimes the design is the focal point , like in the triangular ash table above, but here it's all about the wood choice. This Ambrosia Maple was full of character, with spalting and natural blemishes throughout. After filling the voids with epoxy and applying stain, we landed on a simple but unique, heirloom coffee table.