Custom Builds - Barn Door Room Dividers

Custom Builds - Barn Door Room Dividers

Imagine sharing a bedroom with your favorite sibling as a kid. Now imagine you never, even once, got annoyed and wanted your own room. Seems impossible right?

Now, one solution is sleep on the couch. Another, more glamorous, solution is to build a wall and get your own room. 

After voicing your concerns, your dad has the perfect idea. A barn door style room divider, a wall when you need privacy, and easily tucked away for a big open space when you don't.

That'll do the trick. And that's what we did here. 


As all Quarter Wood Co projects start, we build them first in the computer. To work out kinks in the digital world, and provide accurate quotes. Not to brag, but it looks pretty similar to the final product.

Suspended midway through the room is a set of stylish, and solid, bypassing barn doors. Meaning they can close, or open to either side of the room. Vents were even installed to ensure proper airflow for heating and cooling the all of the room.

The chosen hardware wasn't very elegant, but we had reasons. The combination of length, weight, and placement of these doors restricted us from using the "prettier" off-the-shelf options. But, notice below, the rails fully capture the door, meaning practically no chance they could ever dislodge from the tracks (not so with many barn door hardware kits). The safety aspect was worth it. So custom trim was built to "hide" the somewhat unsightly rails


These door are bigger than your average set. Each one was built in multiple pieces, and disassembled just to fit into the house. There's some unique hardware on the inside making these snap together like giant lego pieces.

During install the ceiling was reinforced all the trim was cut to fit just right. Catches were mounted on each wall to ensue the doors only move when you're ready. (Don't worry you can always bypass the lock so no one can gets stuck on the far side of the room)


The finished product was a one-of-a-kind bedroom, that was equally shared, and totally separated, in an elegant way. Which is exactly the solution this family was looking for.


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