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Wooden Business Cards

Wooden Business Cards

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Make sure your card has as much character as you do. You'll notice this wooden card tends to linger in the hand, and catch your future client's eyes, just a little longer than everyone else's. It just feels good, and looks cool laying on their desk.

Don't let your paper cards turn into the wrinkled up illegible wad of paper your (almost) future client's pocket, getting tossed out at the end of a long day.

We all know those those people with the flashy marketing and sub par product that gets jobs they shouldn't. Make sure your unique card matches your high work quality.

Obviously, I can't promise you'll work with everyone you hand it to, but I know I've gotten jobs in the past based on conversations starting with "Man I love that business card!" And other jobs from people that just keep it laying around just to show their friends. 


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