About Us

What we're doing:

Building high quality products for high quality people. Whether you buy from us or not, notice how holding something hand made feels different. By default, that's all we offer.

We know with the right tools, and time, and space you or a friend of yours could build something just as beautiful as us (That's how we got started). Our goal is to help you skip all the headache and get straight to the good part.

You get to be a part of the process, every step of the way. Whether it's a custom one of a kind piece, or a standard off the shelf design, we're here to answer questions, and make sure you get exactly what you're looking for.

Who "We" Are:

I say "We" a lot, because there's a of customer's, friends and family that supporting what I'm doing here. Spending their money, testing my products, and dealing with my constant spouting of ideas. Hope to make you part of the group one day. 

Currently a one-man show (with no intention of keeping it that way forever) I build custom tables, boxes, coasters, ornaments, and anything else that a customer can come up with. Over time the list of offerings are narrowing down and getting more specific, but don't hesitate to let us quote your wildest custom dreams. 


Why the name?

"Quarter Wood Co," I wish there was significant meaning behind the name, but I was 25 when I started building things to sell, during the pandemic. It seemed funny to name a business after a "Quarter-life crisis," after being laid off for the first time. Now I am 28 doing it full time after losing a job that was helping fund everything behind the scenes. Maybe you'll hear some more of that story one day if you stick around.


Please join along as I figure all of this out, and feel free to be a part of the progress by sharing my site and social media pages.